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Hook up ejemplos

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Ver ejemplos que contengan engancharte 17 ejemplos coincidentes enganchar. Somebody go see why we lost the hookup. We lost our hookup with that place.

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Ver ejemplos que contengan hook-up 2 ejemplos coincidentes. Sobre el diccionario contextual Black woman dating a white man la app Contacto Consideraciones legales. All you need is a computer and an Internet hook-up.

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Ya puedes conectar la nueva cocina. You have an illegal cable hookup. Su enchufepor donde entra la electricidad. Y'all should hook up and do this. Ver ejemplos que contengan contacto 5 ejemplos coincidentes.

Qué significa "hook-up" en español

This is a major hook-upif I do say so. Here from Saigon radio hookup is Laurie's report on the surrender. That explains his hook-up with Constance Savage.

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Perdimos el contacto con ese lugar. You said you had a hook-up with the prosecutor's office.

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I got us a new hookup. My man got some hook-up on the chicken. Ver ejemplos que contengan enganche 3 ejemplos coincidentes. Nothing like leaving your house keys in the hook room of your hook-up.

Qué significa "hookup" en español

You can hook up the new stove now. And insurance pays for his cable hookup. It's an anonymous hookup site for married people.

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We got to hook up a bunch of stuff. The worldwide hook-up won't be ready for another hour yet.

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You know I got the hookup over there at the hook center. If I can hook up the power source I heard you're looking for a hook-up. Ver ejemplos que contengan rollo 5 ejemplos coincidentes.

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He won't even let me hook up a VCR. You need a hook-upmy friend?

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But in my defense, that's a hookup approaching the seeing stage. This isn't just another hook-up for me.

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Guys, I can barely hook up a DVD player. We got a phone hookup into the situation. Come on, man, somebody in this building has the hookup.