Funny tinder dating stories 16 Men And Women Tell The Story Of The Worst Tinder Date They Ever Had To Endure

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We actually went out again and I think over the course of 3 hours I spoke 5 total minutes. I deleted my profile after because it felt too unfomfortable for me.

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But there was no Uber in my small town! When we first met up, everything seemed fine—he was outfitted as a story and even had a good job.

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He smirked and said that he thought he does dexter dating his sister a shot with her. He asks me to come back to his, and it was just like "nah man, trust me I'm not homophobic, but I've just been thinking about AIDS for the past two hours, not really in the mood hey.

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He then text her later that night apologising and asking to funny up again alone. Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed.

She agreed to go out with a guy.

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I hadn't been expecting to get laid that night and didn't have any condoms, so we were just fooling around with our hands and such. He cranked the heat up really high and when I asked him to turn it down he ignorned me.

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What made it so bad for you? The bar is also doing a beer promo where part of the proceeds go to tinder dating cancer research and you get a free pint glass. After sex I asked her if she really was seeing someone else. We met up at a park, and when I saw him I noticed that he was carrying this really big backpack.

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He then pulled up to a secluded parking lot this was late at nightturned his car off and just sat there staring out the window for like 10 minutes. I ordered another drink instead to aid me through this nightmare. During Christmas break he would message me once a day to tell me how beautiful I was-seemed super sweet and so I thought sure I'll give him a shot and maybe I was being too shallow.

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They made plans that included her being picked up by him. The fuck these girls thinking? Not me but my roommate matched with a guy on tinder and they arranged to meet at our college bar.

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He used pictures that were from his early stories, where he looked a lot more attractive, and a lot more athletic. What is your worst Tinder date story? Then she bumped into an equally as pretentious college friend and they spoke in their finest 'gap yah' voices while I remained unincluded, until she excused herself to to get a salmon bagel and ate it in front of me outside the bar.

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But furthermore, he begins to insist that I was the one who suggested drinks.