Sophomore dating a freshman Can sophomores date freshmen?

Sophomore dating a freshman, right now, you are worried that......

It's only ONE year difference. What should i do????

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I'm a June baby, but since it's generally taboo in High School for an older girl to like a younger guy, I tried to stick with dating my fellow Sophomores, or Juniors and Seniors. Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? Is it possible to start dating "the one" as a highschool freshman?

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What Guys Said 0. A male ageanonymous writes: Look good, smile naturally and walk up to her when she is alone and introduce yourself. Can a sophomore boy date a senior girl? He's a sophomore I'm a freshman.

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Its ok to date and be friends but its NOT ok to have sex. Save your draft before refreshing this page. If its an outside of school relationship then I can't even see why age would be an issue since some people in a grade lower than me are actually older or within a month of my age.

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Let her talk, you agree with her. Can a freshman in college date a sophomore in highschool? Sophomore guy dating a freshman girl? Login first Don't have an account? But it's not out of the ordinary for an older girl to date a younger guy at least at my school.

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By SmilefishyJuly 30, in General Chat. Cabin crew dating website should I do if I never dated in highschool?

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The "Homework Helpline" board is used to ask questions that pertain to school assignments and such. Ok so, Im a girl sophomore in high school and i like this guy who is a freshman and i think he likes me back. Cause I'm older, therefore I've matured more, more sophomore dating a freshman in dating this is NOT always true and I'll be able to drive sooner than later.

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My girlfriend is a grade "younger" than me but it's only 6 months between our birthdays. As an adult, you could be charged with Rape or Sexual Assault, and the sophomore does not have to agree to those charges.

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My first thought was to try a casual outing of some kind, introduced to her in a confident way. Yes, it is okay to date a sophmore girl. She is a sophomore and I am a freshman.

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Challenge others' belief with respect. None of what you wrote should matter. So, I met this girl at band camp.

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