Dating baseball terms The Entire Baseball To Hookup Analogy Chart

Dating baseball terms

The following is a glossary of baseball jargon phrasesidioms and slang: Also see in play.

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BP [ edit ] b atting p ractice. Its baseball usage is cited in many dictionaries [6] [7] [8]but its transition to the vernacular has yet to be cited or dated. A bat's diameter is larger at one end the barrel-end than at the other the handle.

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Baltimore chop [ edit ] A short downward swing intended to make the ball rebound off home plate or the packed dirt immediately in front of the plate. The name is said to come from the twanging sound of the bat at contact, like that of a banjo. Currently, Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals is notable in that he is a right-handed hitter who uses drag bunts successfully.

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Inthere was an experiment with including bases-on-balls as hits and at-bats in computing the batting average. A sportswriting wag once stated that its "purpose" was "to separate the head from the shoulders".

Notable bad-ball hitters include Yogi Berra and Vladimir Guerrero.

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Henry Chadwick coined the term, drawing from the military sense of the term artillery battery. But analysts and sportscasters count blown saves to characterize the "record" of closers in a way that's analogous to won-loss records of datings baseball.

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In such a situation, left-handed hitters may use a drag buntin which they start stepping towards first base while completing the bunt swing. Speedy runners also bunt for base hits when infielders are playing back.

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The term comes from the assumption that the benches are sun-bleached. How do you hook up fog lights on their laptops"The National ReviewMarch 24, Reynolds, assistant secretary for civil rights in the Department of Education, has sent a term overdue brush-back letter to college and university officials concerning their odious and oppressive campus speech codes.

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In other languages Add links. More generically, a "big inning" is an inning in which the offense scores a large number of runs, usually four or more.

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The spirit of a balk is that certain movements mean that the pitcher has begun the pitch, so the runner cannot then be picked off. Sometimes the term is used to describe a period within a game when one team's hitters have so totally dominated a given pitcher that the game resembles a batting practice session. Views Read Edit History.

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It allows the batter to see the pitched ball against a dark and uncluttered background, as much for the batter's safety as anything. A battery chucker is a fan who throws small batteries or other terms at the players from the stands.

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OED cites its dating baseball baseball use asnon-baseball in Also called "bonus cantos" by Yankees announcer Michael Kay. Invention of the box score is credited to Henry Chadwick.

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If the pitcher's team does not come back to win the game, the pitcher will be charged with both a loss and a blown save.