Tips for dating someone with borderline personality disorder What You Need to Know When Dating Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder

Tips for dating someone with borderline personality disorder, recent posts

So I would rather use one word; feminist.

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They have no ability to listen, because they have the emotional capacity of a child! This made her lash out in a fit of upset tears followed the next day by an angry text. Then I say no until she says yes.


Marriage is about commitment. The person he trusted passed away.

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I dont like being alone not in a relationship but im so used to having my space…I hope things work out for you. What not to say to someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.

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If you treat me like crap, I will either treat you as so, or leave. I need to stand up to him, but somehow still be supportive!

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I found out that, while she was with me, she was actively texting a lot of other guys. But is aware that he has a different personality.

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I've always had an issue with that. She cheated on my with a co-worker who she idealizes and he was enough of an ass to use her for sex in a situation in which she was vulnerable.

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Months passed, she added me and apologized and we started talking again. Articles like this make me feel more shitty about my BPD.

I have saved her life so many times. Thank you for this, it is helpful.

Dating a Girl With BPD Starts With Changing Your Mentality

I can relate to Cindy, with the very strange behaviour. Imagine if she broke up with you and then asked you to be just friends?

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All the little things I can. People are selfish and have all these expectations. A relationship with a BDP is exhausting and needs a lot of efforts on our side and for what?! Insecure women love the fake alpha male.