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Which do you prefer? July 29, at 7: Men DO know what they like by seeing it. I work body lots of guys around my age, and the reality is midland michigan dating guys who work in offices are usually quite paunchy by their mids.

I also go to gym 5 times a week and I work out a sweat. I didn't contact guys who said they dating seeking someone slender; I found them to be shallow, anyways.

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Without JavaScript, some features on this site will not work. Yes, I am wondering too.

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So, this has always been a dilemma for me - type to see what yall do? I feel if you are online to meet a partner there is no place for dishonesty.

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Look at what your representing and have realistic expectations please. That is the conundrum of those who classic motorcycle dating service turned their health lives around but still live with the scarlet letter apron?

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What's the harm in winking? Most of us are A Few Extra Pounds.

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And the truth is yes, I am still fat Congrats on all that hard work getting the extra pounds off. As a result they use Slender and Athletic to describe themselves when they are quite heavyset.

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June 16, at If I find a women claiming to be curvy, I email her almost instantly, regardless of any further details. The worst that happens is they don't respond. It will save you both time and trouble if he isn't interested because of your body type.

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You have nothing to lose by winking, but just don't be disappointed if you don't get a response and keep in mind that your body may have nothing to do with it, they may just be seeking something else, or they may be a jerk.

If you are willing to lie or mislead your appearance what else are you hiding?

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