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Everyone datings meme with their anxiety, insecurity and sadness in their own way. It was the greatest joy of all.

In high school, everything feel like the absolute end of the world. Of course, being an adult with the ability to buy drinks whenever you want, usually means you drink in moderation. ThePremium offers ad high school access to all Free dating sites fitness content and so much more!

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In fact, it gets worse in college, where teachers seem to do more and more of whatever the hell they want. It was where life peaked.

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One downfall of being in high school is the inability to buy alcohol. Others will take it out on other people, cutting down other girls to feel better about themselves. There is nothing like the blissful boredom that came with summer vacation.

Stop making hook up st paul like this. Remember, the whole amazingness of Christmas break, summer break and every single weekend? There is no reason to drink 15 hard lemonades. While the teacher teaches in ways that actually make sense, the test can simply be pulled from the textbook or even worse, can be from the state. Those film datings meme aside, prom still seemed like the most important day of your life. Praise all things Christmas break! Ad Free Browsing Over 10, Videos!

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The absolute worst was if the teacher just said to do questionsbut then you opened up the text book to see 1A, 1B, 1C and so on. They truly look like girls attending a dance and trying too hard. Everyone had one teacher who did this. Why did everything horrible dating an artist quote to you?

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Of course, before the epic Christmas break could begin, there was the waiting for Christmas break. Hopefully, the test was so hard that you can laugh about it with your friends afterwards.

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No one likes it. The real only two guarantees in life are loving memes and going to high school. The point of the meme is usually that as freshmen you were young and naive, but by senior year, you were bad bitches.

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Your boss will not stop you in the hallway and ask for the year The French Revolution began. Hell, if everyone agrees that the test was that hard, you can even hope that the teacher has no choice but to grade on a curve.

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Seriously, almost everyone has been through high school for better or for worse and everyone loves a good meme. Watch Our Original Videos Follow us.

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The guy you like starts dating another girl? Do teachers and doctors both go to the same school… a school that teaches them how to scribble words in a way that no one can ever read?